Who are we?

A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC. is Columbia’s premier location for your legal representation needs. A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC. offers experience and expertise in the form of Aimee Zmroczek who is an injury, DUI, criminal defense, appeals, parole, and drug lawyer who specializes in many different practice areas! Find out why she is right for you!

A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC.

Finding the right lawyer for you is never an easy decision, choosing the right representation can lead to the best outcome in the courtroom. Here at A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC. we understand this and will work with you to figure out your needs for your specific case. We always put our client’s needs first and work with you to figure out the best course of action and help you have the most important role in deciding your future. If you need a Columbia Lawyer for any number of reasons A.J.Z. Law Firm is the first place to go to for professional and experienced help.

Practice Areas

Aimee has many different practice areas. Aimee is a Columbia DUI Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Parole and Probation Lawyer, and Drug Lawyer.

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Criminal Defense & Federal Criminal Defense

A Criminal Defense involves disproving the prosecution through evidence and testimony. Most often involving trial by a jury of your peers. Find out more.

personal injury

Personal Injury

Personal injury representation for auto accidents, on the job accidents or slip and falls. Don’t let insurance companies give you less than you deserve, hire a professional and experienced legal help to fight for you.




A single DUI charge has the potential to ruin an individuals’ or an entire families finances. Hiring an experienced dui lawyer to represent you in such cases is always in your best interest. Find out more



Appeal work includes direct criminal appeals, Post Conviction Relief (PCR) and Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions. Appeals can be a daunting thought to many and that is why when considering a legal expert to help you with appeals, experience and expertise are required.

Why Are We The Best Choice?

A.J.Z. Law Firm, LLC. is the best choice because of all the benefits attorney Aimee Zmroczek brings to her clients. Which includes her experience, recognition, and the positions she holds. Aimee practices many different areas and can be legal representation for many different kinds of cases.


Aimee is an experienced lawyer, she has been certified to practice law since she graduated Cum Laude from the Charleston School of Law in 2008. She has been practicing in many different areas  including criminal defense, personal injury, DUI, and drug defense for many years. Find out more.



Aimee has been selected by Super Lawyers, a prominent lawyer rating service, as a rising star for the years 2016-2018. She is also recognized as a top 10 Best Criminal Defense lawyer and was a 2017 Legal Elite in the Columbia Business Magazine.


Aimee is currently a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the South Carolina Association for Justice.